同心敬拜第一輯 Let’s Worship Vol.1

小組伴唱專輯 Small Group Worship


A complete worship music resource for fellowship, small group, and personal use. The set consists of four CDs that include 38 classical and contemporary favorites with both vocal and instrumental tracks, ten lyrics books, transparencies master, as well as worship arrangement samples and suggestions.


主若是 If He is

每一天 Day by Day

和散那 Hosanna

感謝主 Thank You, Lord

一件禮物 A Gift

只因有愛 Because of Love

主治萬方 Jesus Shall Reign

如鹿切慕 As the Deer

你真偉大 How Great Thou Art

你是我神 You are my God

我心頌讚 Praise of My Heart

快樂崇拜 Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

奇異恩典 Amazing Grace

野地的花 Flowers of the Field

當你禱告 When You Pray

與主同在 In His Presence

獻上活祭 My Living Sacrifice

多一點喜樂 A Little More Joy

在我心深處 Deep, Deep Down

永恆的答問 The Eternal Answer

改變我心意 Change my Heart, O God

耶和華是愛 Jehovah is Love

認識你,耶穌 Knowing You, Jesus

一生在神手中 My Times are in Your Hand

一切歌頌讚美 Honor, Praise and Glory

生命屬於你,主 My Life is in You, Lord

聖哉,聖哉,聖哉 Holy, Holy, Holy

詩篇三十二篇 Psalm 32

最知心的朋友 My Dearest Friend is Jesus

獻上感恩的心 Give Thanks

主,我高舉你的名 Lord, I Lift Your Name on High

在這僅存的年間 In Times Like These

我知誰掌管明天 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow    

在主愛裡我們合一 The Bond of Love

詩篇一百三十三篇 Psalm 133

哦,主耶穌你深長的愛 Deep, Deep Love

我以禱告來到你跟前 Into Your Presence, Lord I Come

我要唱耶和華的大慈愛 I will Sing of the Mercies

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