同心敬拜第二輯 Let’s Worship Vol.2

小組伴唱專輯 Small Group Worship


A complete worship music resource for fellowship, small group, and personal use. This set consists of four CDs that include 30 classical and contemporary favorites with both vocal and instrumental tracks, 4 sets of worship sequence, 10 lyrics books, transparencies master, as well as 30 worship arrangement samples and suggestions.


轉回 Return to Your Love

一生呈獻 My Offering

今天就是 This is the Day

向神歡呼 Shout for Joy

耶穌恩友 What a Friend We Have in Jesus

哦,主發光 Shine, Jesus, Shine

專心愛你 Undivided Love

萬福源頭 Come Thou Fount

竭誠獻上 My Utmost for You

邀請耶穌 Invite Jesus

讚美!讚美! Praise Him! Praise Him! 

一切全獻上 I Surrender All

成為我異象 Be Thou My Vision

我有這喜樂 This Joy That I Have

祂使我歡樂 He Has Made Me Glad

祂能夠成就 He is Able

榮耀你的名(慢板) Glorify Thy Name (Slow)

榮耀你的名(快板) Glorify Thy Name (Fast)

與你同走過 Walking with You

歡呼來歌唱 A Joyful Shout!

頌讚耶穌聖名 All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

請主進入我心 Into My Heart

我今天為你祝福 I Bless You Today

你知道我的名字 You Know My Name

耶穌我要稱謝你 Jesus Praise

詩篇一百五十篇 Psalm 150

齊獻上讚美的祭 We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise

我從深處向你呼求 Cry of My Heart

懇求主像牧人領導 Savior, like a Shepherd Lead us

我的神,我的父,我的磐石 My God, My Father, My Rock

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Picture of 同心敬拜第二輯全套 Let’s Worship Vol.2 Set
同心敬拜第二輯全套 Let’s Worship Vol.2 Set
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