Ministry Through Music Education


The New Heart Christian School of Music was established alongside New Heart Music Ministries in 1997 to fulfill the need for a Christian School of Music that would provide quality and well-rounded music education to the community by employing qualified, Christian music teachers who not only excel in their own area of expertise, but are committed to treating the students with Christ-like love, honesty, and patience. New Heart offers one-on-one lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, and voice to students of all ages. Through organizing student recitals and preparing students for different competitions, we see the fruit and value of ministry in the area of music education. Many of these students excel in their musical skills, achieving first and second chair positions in their school orchestras, and also receiving many other musical awards. Some of them pursue further studies in music when they attend college, and many of them serve with their musical skills at their churches.

With the vision of equipping the saints to serve in music ministry, New Heart also offers different kinds of group or individual ministry classes each semester to prepare brothers and sisters to use their gifts for the local church worship ministry. Classes such as keyboard accompaniment, the making of a worship leader, worship team training, guitar, and music theory, have equipped and encouraged many people to become involved in leading and serving in worship.

In recent years, New Heart has extended the scope of music education to equip the next generation of musicians and worshipers by organizing String Camp and JAM worship camps for youth.

We have also brought the concepts and skills regarding worship ministry to different cities and churches that we visited outside of our Houston establishment. By hosting worship seminars and worship team training, we continue to pass on a passion for God-centered worship to everyone we encounter. As a response to the growing needs in Chinese churches across the U.S., New Heart has also sent staff to various cities to provide intensive Satellite School worship training since 2004. This two-year program has been successfully implemented and has benefited many who do not live in the Houston area.

New Heart has also established ministry centers in Singapore and Taiwan. One of the important areas of focus also centers around ministry through music and worship education. Our goal is to train and develop God's servants in worship ministry, and to share with them about how to use music as a tool to help others come to know God. In addition to offering classes in Singapore and Taiwan that were at one time only available in the Houston area, we have also designed new classes to meet the specific needs of local churches.

As the awareness regarding the importance of worship ministry continues to rise among Chinese churches, we hope to see more brothers and sisters equipped with musical skills and a biblical perspective of worship so that they may lead people into God's presence through music.