Words from our Pastor

牧者心語 Words from our Pastor (2020-05)

「因此,我的心歡喜,我的靈快樂;我的肉身也要安然居住。因為你必不將我的靈魂撇在陰間,也不叫你的聖者見朽壞。」(詩篇 16:9-10)大衛寫這詩篇時,掃羅的軍隊正在追殺他。大衛雖然失去一切,生命也危在旦夕,但他仍然可以喜樂地讚美神;他雖然居無定所,仍可以安然睡覺,因為他知道他的生命在神手中,祂必不撇下他。在大流行疫情的威脅下,我們每天也是處於危險中,許多人也因此失去財物,我們仍然可以在主手裡安然居住嗎?我們的心靈可以因主歡喜快樂嗎?讓我們彼此鼓勵,把一生放在祂的手中,因為這是最安全的地方,祂絕不會丟棄我們。好不好現在就把一生交託給神?

“Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices; My flesh also will dwell securely. For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol; Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay” (Psalm 16:9-10). When David wrote these words, he was running from Saul’s army who was seeking to kill him. He was surrounded by dangers and probably lost everything he owned, yet he praised the Lord and rejoiced. Although he had no physical dwelling place, he still could dwell securely in the Lord because he knew his life was in God’s hands, and was confident that God would never abandon him. During this pandemic, we are also surrounded by dangers and many of us have suffered great losses. Will we be able to dwell safely because our life is in His hands? Will we be able to sing praises and rejoice in Him? Let us encourage one another to put our life into His hands, which is the safest place we could be. He will never forsake us or abandon us. Will you act immediately?